Welcome to Auto Finance Canada

Auto Finance Canada is uniquely focused on transforming the car dealership experience by setting a new standard of sales and financing excellence. We've pioneered the online car shopping process totally around customer convenience.
We understand some people work night shifts, have 3 kids or simply do not want to go into the typical' car dealer' environment. We're unrivalled regarding online reviews and customer service winning Business of the Year Award from the Canadian Business Review Board (CBRB) for 2022 & 2023. Our white glove delivery service and customer service centered team will ensure that you comeback to Auto Finance Canada for all your online car shopping needs in the future

Client satisfaction drives our entire process and experience. We pride ourselves on our 4.8-star Facebook and Google Review ratings, the highest in the industry. Our fully trained team is eager to provide you with the most customer-centric sales and service environment in the automotive retail industry. We feel we truly provide an unparalleled customer service experience that was made on the foundation of respecting your time and requests, earning vour trust, and under-promising and over-delivering on your expectations. We are a top volume dealer for many lenders across the country, and we have you all to thank for that. We continue to take our roles in assisting you with your automotive needs to the next level.

Auto Finance Canada also gives back to the community. We help and donate to many causes throughout the years even giving a free vehicle to an individual who was struggling financially and was unable to get her children to school. We take pride in giving back and feel it's not only an honor but also our responsibility.

Our team is our greatest asset. Over 150 strong representing our unique brand! Providing service that we are all committed to ensuring that our workplaces are warm, welcoming where every team member feels valued, respected and heard.