Privacy Policy

Your privacy is crucial to Auto Finance Canada (“AFC”). This Privacy Policy delineates how AFC gathers, employs, shares, and maintains personal information, including information amassed by AFC through websites, phone conversations, and when offering products or services.

1. Your Consent by bestowing your personal data to AFC, you agree to its gathering, use, sharing, and maintenance in line with this Privacy Policy and as otherwise permitted by prevailing law. You can retract your consent anytime, given legal or contractual restrictions and by providing reasonable notice to AFC. However, doing so might restrict your engagement or transactions with AFC or limit the advantages of AFC's offerings.|

2. Personal InformationIn this context, "personal information" refers to details about an identifiable person, like one’s name and email address. However, this excludes publicly available information or business contact details. At any point a client may opt-out by replying STOP to any messages received by our company.

3. Data Collection by AFC(a) Direct InformationWhen engaging with AFC, you may voluntarily provide your personal information. If you choose not to provide specific details, it might hinder certain transactions or benefits with AFC. Conversations between you and AFC can be recorded for precision and compliance. However, you can opt-out of call recording.(b) Automated Data GatheringAFC may automatically track information about your usage of its website. Technologies such as cookies may be used to enhance user experience, prevent fraud, and deliver targeted ads. Some of these might be non-personal, but will be treated as personal information if combined.

4. Usage of Personal Information by AFC  utilizes your data to manage your interactions, fulfill requests, offer products and services, answer inquiries, send you updates about AFC and its partners, and protect its interests.

5. Data Sharing by AFCYour data might be shared with affiliates of AFC to facilitate better service offerings. In some scenarios, like referred transactions, your information might be shared with third parties.

6. Duration of Data RetentionAFC retains your information for as long as required for its operational purposes and in compliance with legal mandates.

7. Securing Personal InformationAFC employs reasonable measures to safeguard your information against unauthorized access.

8. Accuracy, Accessibility, and DeletionAFC depends on you for the accuracy of the provided data. You can request access or deletion of your data, but there might be legal exceptions.

9. Non-Personal InformationAny non-personal information may be used, shared, and retained by AFC indefinitely.

10. External Websites and EntitiesAFC might advertise or link to third-party websites. This Privacy Policy doesn't cover these external entities.

11. Other Considerations(a) Liability & Disputes: Your agreement with AFC contains essential provisions about liability and dispute resolution.(b) Updates to Policy: AFC may update this policy periodically.

Continuous engagement with AFC post an update signifies consent.(c) Definitions: In this policy, “AFC affiliates” collectively refers to all entities under the AFC corporate banner.Auto Finance Canada Privacy PolicyLast Updated: October 13, 2023.